The two editions of FoodConnex enable food business owners to:

  • Purchase and Price with real-time inventory and sales reporting.
  • Increase sales and order value while protecting profit margins.
  • Track inventory with multiple unit of measure and broken cases.
  • Utilize SWAMI (Scan, Weigh And Measure Instantly) integrated scales and scanning.
  • Eliminate errors invoicing variable or catch weight products
  • The support personnel are always readily available.  Our Food Connex system flows beautifully. It controls our picking of orders ensuring it is done in a neat fashion.

    Sholom Minkowitz, Springfield Group
  • Our solution for traceability needed to have one way to work that everyone could stick to every time.  I wanted to get rid of all the paper and be able to see what was sent where immediately.

    Ron Ramstad, E G Emil and Sons
  • We could not have continued growing without automating management of our inventory.  You just can't eyeball count 4000 SKUs


    Kevin Adams, Hometown Provisions Inc
  • Learning the system has been easy.  I administer for two separate companies and we had both companies fully setup and running on Food Connex Cloud in just four weeks

    Jay Saraf and Crystal Keene, Turtle Beach Food Service
  • "For pennies I have a huge savings of time and a significantly reduced chance of errors on every order."

    Richard Gioia, Berry Veal Corporation

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