Food Connex provides freedom of choice…

For over 25 years Food Connex has specialized in providing the food industry with innovative system and software solutions. Our industry leading food distribution software and food processing software offerings include Cloud and Premise based applications allowing food distributors and processors to choose the best fit for their business.

Customize the solution that is right for you from integrated systems and software designed to specialized needs of the food industry whether you're a farm to table co-op that must automate to continue growing, a distributor/processor using QuickBooks that needs additional power to manage food products, or a large scale processor/distributor looking for a totally integrated ERP solution.

  • Manage selling relationships with Cloud based tools for salesperson and customer order entry.
  • Protect your brand with automated traceability, instant recall reporting and lot tracking.
  • Control inventory in real-time with Recipe and Cutting production using integrated scales and washdown ready plant floor workstations to relieve ingredients or primals and receive and label finished goods with with GS1-128 compliant barcodes.
  • Improve customer service by eliminating shipping and catch weight invoicing errors using SWAMI to Scan Weigh And Measure Instantly during order fulfillment and invoicing.

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…the Industries We Serve?

Food Connex is software for food distributors and processors that automates the purchasing, sales, production and inventory management processes, but each segment of the food marketplace has it’s own unique challenges and solutions.  <Read More>

....the Solutions of our Food Industry Software Provides?

Food Connex can be implemented as a streamlined order entry and invoicing solution, a full featured enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, or anywhere in between with customizable modules like Purchase Management, Bill of Materials Recipe, Production Labeling, and QuickBooks Integration <Read More>

…the Experiences of Food Connex Customers?

Food processors and distributors have been using our software to manage their businesses for more than twenty five years.  They have been kind enough to share their challenges, successes and experiences. <Read More>

…the Videos and Pre-Recorded Demonstrations of Food Connex?

Our video library contains everything from how Food Connex improves order entry for salespeople and customers to how catch or variable weight software prevents invoicing errors.  You will also see recordings of actual customer workflow and usage.<Read More>


Food Connex is proudly developed, programmed and supported by Food Connex right here in the USA. <Read More>

...How to Contact Us or Request a Free Demo

The sales team is available from 8am to 5pm ET Monday through Friday at (215) 794-7008 or you can request a free demonstration.

Issue 646 - Checking those Resolutions.

Last year we were early to declare our New Years Resolutions 2018. A lot has changed over in 2018, but I believe it's not quite too late to make sure we have addressed some of those resolutions.

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