In our 2014 New Year's Resolutions we talked about using the Cloud for salesperson Order Entry. It has been three years so let’s see how the cloud is doing? In looking at industry leaders we can find a lot of surveys on where the cloud is at.

From $300,000 to $4 Million.
How The Common Market
Grew with Food Connex Cloud.

Tatiana Garcia-Granados shares her insight on her company growth and utilization of cloud based invoice and inventory management.


How Much Is That Basket Worth?

The usage of cloud applications has skyrocketed. RightScale, a leading Cloud implementation company, did a survey in 2016 and saw the results below.

As you can see the numbers are staggering. Unfortunately few of our Food Companies are leveraging the Cloud.

Some of our smaller users adopted Cloud because it is cost effective, requires little IT infrastructure, and good vendors are enhancing their product all the time. The area where Cloud is really moving fast is in the Farm to Table market that we spoke about several months ago. These users don’t want to tie up a lot of capital because they are growing and need to invest their funds in growth not IT infrastructure. As a matter of fact putting their orders in remotely is the only way they can do it because they are very mobile and need to capture that business in real time.

Margin Management revisited: Making sure the salespeople see gross profit will allow them to maximize the “order basket” for profit and if you are paying them correctly they will be motivated to do the same.

In addition the extra step of handwriting the order or having someone take a phone call, fax or an e-mail is counterproductive to saving money. Most sales guys want to control their own destiny and doing their own orders allows them the flexibility to see what they will make before they commit to the customer.



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