Back in 2005 I had a business relationship with Joe Carrabis the founder of NextStage Evolution. What he taught me is that customers in this world of the Web are looking to get educated on products and just don’t always just want to be sold. In my everyday work as a salesperson and President of my firm a lot of my time is spent educating as Joe tried to teach me. Last week we launched a new website that is designed to engage our visitors to learn. Learn about best practices through our Newsletter, and use today's advanced video technology to help them apply technology to their business.


We need to educate.

Many years ago we created a You Tube channel to help our customers get educated. Now we have released our new website built around the two guiding factors that a lot of our food guys are interested in learning:

  1. Best practices.
  2. How similar Companies are solving their problems,

With the introduction of our new site we are loading it up with Videos to show best practices in real life situations and the solutions Food Connex is bringing to the table for our users. We have created videos that cover our Cloud System and our Enterprise System helping give users more choices and solutions.

This Icon above will take you to videos
about our ERP Solution.

This will take you to videos covering
Cloud Solution using QuickBooks

We also have over 500 Newsletters from the last 10 years that have content about our best practices and  Margin Management tips for processors and distributors. Just use our lookup feature to find any educational material you can use.



Issue 646 - Checking those Resolutions.

Last year we were early to declare our New Years Resolutions 2018. A lot has changed over in 2018, but I believe it's not quite too late to make sure we have addressed some of those resolutions.

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