We are right before the Holidays and it seems like a good time to see how well we have done with our New Year's Resolutions for 2016 before we set them for 2017. I listed three of the 2016 resolutions below and the progress I've seen in these areas while working with processors from all over the country. Please feel free to give me your input for 2017 @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Time to review  those resolutions.

  1. Protect the Brand: There has been a dramatic shift in this area since regulations have become law. In our farm to table and natural foods area there has been a push  to label and trace products through the supply chain.  Transparency has become a requirement from customers and government regulators.  You need to protect your brand.

  2. Invest in plant & equipment to save money and modernize: We have talked many times about this in the past.   Use this handy Section 179 Calculator to see what you can save.

  3. Putting your people first: One of the best ways to put your people in the center of the strategy is to arm them with "best business practices". Repeatable steps that they can perform to do their job right. Back in 2007 we did a review of some best business practices and the kind of money they bring to the bottom line not to mention it lets you trust yet verify.






Issue 646 - Checking those Resolutions.

Last year we were early to declare our New Years Resolutions 2018. A lot has changed over in 2018, but I believe it's not quite too late to make sure we have addressed some of those resolutions.

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