Five years ago (almost to the day) we reviewed the “Pink Slime in your Meat” story. Now it has resurfaced at the meatingplace blog because the processor, Beef Products Incorporated, who was brought to their knees by the news being broadcast by ABC in 2012 are going to court. Let’s review what is happening.


Pink Slime Again

In 2012 when ABC aired the news about pink slime it was the beginning of the end for AFA Food Service industry. AFA, who supplied over 500 Million pounds to retailers and Food Service clients, declared bankruptcy. BPI (Beef Products, Inc.), the major producer of lean textured fine beef (LTFB) filed a defamation claim against ABC, and it appears now, 5 years later, they will be going to court. According to the Wall Street Journal:

“A judge in South Dakota has cleared the way to trial of a lawsuit claiming ABC News “pink slime” coverage caused $1.9 billion worth of damage to the business of Beef Products Inc., which makes the meat product tagged with the term.

Judge Cheryle Gering threw out defamation claims against anchor Diane Sawyer but left standing accusations against ABC News and multiple Emmy award-winning journalist, Jim Avila.

Judge Gering, in rejecting ABC’s bid to have the case dismissed, said a jury could find the network was pursuing “a negative spin” on the story before conducting any research and that Avilla had an anti-meat-industry agenda.”

The meatingplace, a beef protein newsletter, blog last week weighed in on the case and had reported the following:

ABC Broadcasting struck out in its last chance to derail Beef Products Inc.’s defamation lawsuit over ABC’s reporting on its product, lean finely textured beef. The South Dakota Supreme Court denied the network’s petition to appeal a lower court ruling that allowed BPI to take its case to a jury, according to Reuters.

This, after a Circuit Court judge in February dismissed anchorwoman Diane Sawyer from the case but ruled the trial would continue against the network and reporter Jim Avila.

The plaintiffs went on to say in a statement emailed to Meatingplace, BPI said, "The trial court's decision denying ABC's motion for summary judgment was correct, and we are glad the South Dakota Supreme Court rejected ABC's request for an appeal of that decision.  We look forward to presenting our case to the jury and holding the Defendants accountable for their actions."

Some of the comments in the blog were interesting:

  • Good luck Eldon, Eldon and Regina Roth should own ABC after what they knowingly did to their business.
  • Lean on ABC, Hard, don't let them off the hook. This Fake news has got to stop. And when you win, Make them have a statement every night on their News Broadcast that they made this crap up. For A month straight.

Here are my comments on the blog  

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