Seems every non 'quick-serve' restaurant is trying to exploit the farm to table movement. We have spoken about this for many years and are fortunate enough to have a number of customers making their living in that market. A lot of people don’t realize the accountability the true players are required to maintain, especially as more retailers are selling produce direct from farmers. Let’s do more explaining.


Farm to Table and what is really required.

August 30th was the magic date set by the government for very small businesses (defined as Companies that employ less than 500 people) to establish FSMA record keeping compliance. That sure sweeps through a lot of Companies. We won’t go through all of their regulations right now, but you can look it up for yourself.

There are many ways to skin that cat.  Many people will take the manual tracking route which is OK, but has some holes that can bite a business in the future. Today we will cover the basic measures required.

Where did it come from?
This is part of the receiving function of a Company. If you are not using Purchase Order systems this can be problematic. We show below how you can set up POs to track the items coming into your business.

The ability to set up questions that need to be answered is an important hurdle that must be covered. You can see from our example we’re going to trace the farm and put it on the invoice so the restaurant or institution can see where it comes from and when the distributor got it from the farm. You can mark the box manually or produce a label for readability.

Where did I sell it?
Now that it is in the warehouse you have several options available. Your pickers can mark the trace # on the pick ticket manually or use a bar coded label that has the trace number bar coded with the product ID in it and scanning it in will make it automatic.

Producing the Recall Report
The final step in the process is to get an automatic recall report if you have followed the steps right it’s automatic.


Issue 598 - Setting the Standards


We'll keep following last week's thread about Inventory Management and Profitability.   Food is a very unique industry, so making sure we measure ourselves against our industry cousins is important to understand the standard we are measured against. Got to know the other guy's score to see if you are a winner. Again focusing on inventory value and getting it right is one of the two key elements of our T&E analysis.

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