Twelve years ago we introduced our Newsletter and made a pledge of content:

The focus of this newsletter is as the title suggests, Cutting Cost of Operations. Some of the subjects we will cover are:

Health Care Transportation and Fuel
Technology Warehousing
Manufacturing innovations HAACP Compliance

We have not focused on pure technology outside the food industry but today the trends are too compelling not to discuss and they coincide with the growing trend of Cloud computing.

I'm an 'Android guy' when using my phone, and over the weekend while switching from my phone to my Windows 10 PC to 'do some work' I realized a Chromebook might work for me as an alternative to Microsoft.  There is no question that Microsoft is the dominant PC operating system with over 89% market share, but as Internet activity by all users is increasing the change in browser market shares are telling as of Nov 17 according to Statcounter.

Keeping in mind that a lot of users, like myself, have Windows PC’s with Chrome downloaded on it. Back when IBM introduced the IBM PC in 1981 they became the dominant player by seeding those devices in the education system. The computing labs of the 80’s and 90’s were loaded with IBM PC’s and that is how Microsoft became dominate by licensing their DOS operating system to IBM.

Google is taking a page from the IBM story by donating Chromebooks for the classrooms, similar to what Apple did with the iPad, to get penetration. Education has always been the been the magic bullet to software success.

According to Digital Trends Google’s market share in K-12 is 58% and growing.

Now back to how it affects my readership.

Pricing on Windows 10 laptops and Chromebooks are a couple of hundred bucks depending on the model, but the real secret is what you are accustomed to using as an interface. I recently declined a new car purchase because I wanted Android Auto, not Apple Car Play. Like most users I love my phone, and that is why I use Chrome on my desktop. The recent Stats and Projections from the Statistics Portal show where this applies to tablet users as more and more users adopt tablets for their daily use.

If you one of the businesses currently trending towards Cloud computing consider using Chrome which is designed for Cloud computing and can keep your IT investment down while still providing great functionality.





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