As we prepare for the first big summer Holiday of the year a lot of us will be running to the grocery store to stock up on Holiday goodies.  I would like to get all of you folks up to date on the further automation of the grocery industry.  It has an effect on all of us, but can have a great impact on your business as you prepare for the changing industry.


  • 1994 Amazon founded delivery service focusing on consumer products.
  • 1996 PEAPOD formed and pioneered delivery of     groceries in     U.S.
  • 2001 WebVan Internet only delivery goes bankrupt, DotCom victim.
  • 2012 Instacart started by former Amazon Employee.
  • 2014 Shipt founded sold for $500M to Target in 2017
  • 2017 Amazon started Amazon Fresh
  • 2017 August Amazon buys Whole Foods for $14B
  • 2018 Walmart says they’ll start store delivery throughout USA by year end.
  • 2018 Wegmans partners with Instacart for home delivery
  • Kroger jumps in (below)

In the news last week from Specialty news is the announcement that Kroger one of the largest retailers with over 4,400 stores announced a partnership with Ocado from Great Britain in Reuters, Ocado shares rose a whopping 80% on the announcement. They are a home delivery only grocery vendor with no brick and mortar stores. Kroger has invested $250M dollars for a 5% stake in the Company.

They will be building 20 warehouses in the  USA all with robots.




Issue 640 - Everything Cycles.

Transformation and disruption was a topic in an article in the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer. I read about the demise of Sears & Roebuck titled The Big Stumble. They believed they had no competitors. The New York Times dubbed them "The Amazon of the gilded age." Those of us in the baby boom generation remember Sears.  As a young boy I remember thumbing through the catalog, dreaming of what I could buy if I had the money.

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