It is that time of the year and I am gearing up to attend the Fancy Food Show on Sunday.  We are looking forward to the show since I have been attending for over 15 years and it is very enlightening.  Today's newsletter is inspired by an article I read on the Specialty Foods Associations site about the desired restructuring of Food Safety. Let’s check this out.  See you at the show.

We have not touched on recalls this year, but the romaine lettuce recall in April has definitely gotten the attention of the nation and my readers. I remember ordering salad from one of the Quick Service Restaurants on line and their ordering site had said all romaine based salads were not available. A very minor annoyance personally, but not trivial by CDC count: 197 affected people were reported with over 40% were hospitalized, 26 with kidney failure and 5 deaths.

In reading my Monday e-mails I see Specialty Foods News is featuring an article about the massive effort by the Government to reorganize itself to make it more functional.  The FSMA is over 3 years old and the implementation is not complete.

It doesn’t matter what the politics are, Food Safety gets our attention.  Earlier we reviewed the Traceability being used by our Farm To Table customers.  Food Connex can help small to medium Companies improve food safety and satisfy regulations without breaking the bank or their business.

Since the government has been staggering for so many years in that area the latest Government report, Delivering Government Solutions in the 21st Century, could finally be a forward step. We have always said having USDA and FDA control different food products was not efficient. Well I’m glad the government figured that out. Here is the recommendation:







Issue 643 - Blocking and Tackling Revisited

I have decided to get away from all this technology discussion and dust off the archives from 11 years ago in the interest of getting back to basics. My longtime readers remember about blocking and tackling, Vince Lomabardi taught us what that meant. Making more bottom line profit is about the basics.

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