We have been talking with our Protein customers and readers about recalls for decades, at least 60 issues by my count. As most of our meat, 80%, comes from 4 major suppliers the constant preaching of tracking your meat has continued to land on deaf ears.

JBS, the largest meat packer in the world, announced a recall of over 6 million pounds of ground beef on October 4th. Lack of recall readiness in the Protein Market is a very serious threat to the nation's health. With fewer producers the tainted food recalled can be in very large quantities that can easily trickle down the food chain. The mechanics of recall are expensive and time consuming, but no less critical for our population.

Retail organizations such as Wegmans and Whole Foods have been serious about tainted food and have insisted that their seafood suppliers use Trace Register.

The largest issue in getting this reported is the more 'tentacles' the supply chain has, the more it is processed, the more complex the data tracking becomes.  Also the confidentiality concerns and effort to maintain accuracy for this data can become enormous.

Here comes the Cloud. We have talked about the Cloud and how innovation can transform our lives and technologies. IBM one the largest and continued successful Companies in my Industry is making strong moves in the Cloud. They realize as a lot of forward-thinking industries do that the Cloud can perform functions faster, cheaper,  securely and easier than other technologies. They are piggy backing BlockChain technology to use the Cloud for Traceability.

As the latest issue of Specialty Food News talks about IBM has been testing their Cloud based BlockChain in their IBM Food Trust product that will leverage the new data technology that was popularized by the Bitcoin craze for storing cyber money.  They have already signed up Carrefour and others to join the latest use of Cloud technology to hopefully use the Cloud to tackle this problem. Walmart has asked their green suppliers to join the IBM Food Trust by Jan. 31st 2019.

More digital transformation, this will never stop until we get control, PROTECT THE BRAND.






Issue 643 - Blocking and Tackling Revisited

I have decided to get away from all this technology discussion and dust off the archives from 11 years ago in the interest of getting back to basics. My longtime readers remember about blocking and tackling, Vince Lomabardi taught us what that meant. Making more bottom line profit is about the basics.

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