The current unemployment rate continues to lower and is at 4%. With the struggle to get skilled workers you need to hang onto the ones you have. Still cutting costs is always a priority for the lower margin food business. We’re going to dust off the archives again to take another look.

I remember how funny David Letterman's Top Ten List was, and also getting a point across.  Today I'll dust off the archives to do a top ten that isn't a funny, but hopefully drives home the point about inventory. Last newsletter we discussed the turn and earn ratio, now we'll hit the top ten ways to improve that key business number by lowering AVERAGE INVENTORY.

Being that a lot of vacations are happening right now I thought it would be a good time to re-publish our turn and earn issue that we did back in 2005. Although it's an older News Letter it's one that shows you how good your inventory is doing from a profitability standpoint.

As promised I will spend this NL on the Fancy Food Show. Last Sunday, July 1, I spent the day at the FFS in NYC. The heat was only a blistering 99 degrees and it was a little quiet at the show. Let’s discuss that and the other topics relevant to our markets.


It is that time of the year and I am gearing up to attend the Fancy Food Show on Sunday.  We are looking forward to the show since I have been attending for over 15 years and it is very enlightening.  Today's newsletter is inspired by an article I read on the Specialty Foods Associations site about the desired restructuring of Food Safety. Let’s check this out.  See you at the show.

Olin Thompson's concept of the Fatal Flaw in Software was featured in our newsletter about thirteen years ago. Today we will modernize that article with more current information.

Eight years ago I authored a buyer's guide for food systems. One of the factors that has not changed is the process that must be taken to implement positive improvements. Now that I’m a 6 month veteran of CAi I want to share the expanded definition of ERP systems I've learned and recap some of the critical points required to be successful.

This week we look at the three most common forms of invoice presentation in the food industry.  I'm sorry to say that a clean and legible invoice won't ensure that you get paid on time, but from experience I can say a sloppy one is much more likely to cause delays and confusion.

As we prepare for the first big summer Holiday of the year a lot of us will be running to the grocery store to stock up on Holiday goodies.  I would like to get all of you folks up to date on the further automation of the grocery industry.  It has an effect on all of us, but can have a great impact on your business as you prepare for the changing industry.

Since joining the CAI family in January I have been making time to go back to school. Last week I shared what I learned about the Mobile Fleet Manager, this week I'd like to review the product aging topic we discussed in How Old Is That?. Thanks to not sleeping in class I can describe how to close the loop and really see how old product is.

Issue 643 - Blocking and Tackling Revisited

I have decided to get away from all this technology discussion and dust off the archives from 11 years ago in the interest of getting back to basics. My longtime readers remember about blocking and tackling, Vince Lomabardi taught us what that meant. Making more bottom line profit is about the basics.

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