This week's discussion is based on an article written by Derek Martin and published by CEO Refresher.  Although published in 2001, it still hits the mark on cutting costs.

One way to cut costs is to make the correct decision the first time. This week's discussion will talk about the fatal flaws in software that can waste tremendous money if not recognized.

This week we are getting back to understanding our real costs and where they lie is the real first step in saving money every time you do an order.

This week we will take an in-depth look into the new Health Savings Plan.

This week  we will examine a concept borrowed from the Restaurant industry called the Prime Vendor and how that might make sense for you.

This week  we will review simple ways to cut costs without cutting payroll.

This week  we will focus on how to save dollars by not overspending or under spending on a software solution.

This week  we will look at how to determine warehouse costs and then how to use them in making product decisions.

The Cost of Shrink - Sales have been great, expenses are under control, but gross margin continues to be a problem. While most retailers and wholesalers focus their efforts on increasing sales and whittling down expenses, many never pay attention to shrink and how it can affect margin and overall profitability.

This week we will review some tips from on saving dollars on electricity.

Issue 605 - Local Food Will Continue to be Hot

Throughout the last two years we have talked many times about the farm to table market and how it is expanding throughout the food world just like every one predicted. As we look to 2018 the latest buzzword is “Plant Forward”.   In today’s discussion we will update our experience in this area.

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