Five years ago (almost to the day) we reviewed the “Pink Slime in your Meat” story. Now it has resurfaced at the meatingplace blog because the processor, Beef Products Incorporated, who was brought to their knees by the news being broadcast by ABC in 2012 are going to court. Let’s review what is happening.


There is no question that a lot of people have left (or fled?) the food industry.  I discussed with one of my large processors in Philadelphia how few meat processors are left in the city. Six years ago we counted less than ten and the market has continued to shrink.  Today we will look at the major factors that have organizations throwing in the towel.

I‘ve lost track of the number of newsletters where we have talked about Traceability and the need for the use of barcode for more effective use of time and proper protection of the brand. In a lot of my research with food processors and distributors under $50,000,000 in revenue the most common way to keep track of traceability is manually augmented with Excel. Today let’s look at some examples I've seen of manual tracking in the marketplace.

Scandals, like recalls, tend to have serious repercussions in the protein industry.  Recently the Meatingplace brought one such scandal to my attention.  The Brazilian government temporarily closed three meat processing plants and removed 33 public employees from their jobs to dismantle a bribery scheme involving sanitary licenses for adulterated products.

Over 60% of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system implementations fail.  I know from my own experience over the last 28 years that it takes a champion to implement best business practices in an organization, but is that all that it takes?

 Consumer demand for natural and ABF (AntiBiotic Free) product is getting a boost thanks to efforts at industry trade shows this year.  In our May 31st newsletter "It's Just Natural" we discussed the growth of the natural market.  This week we will take a look at the push this growth is getting from the trade shows, and what that push really means to your business.

Oh my! There is going to be a bacon shortage! That is what social media and a few excitable news outlets are touting, but according to the BBC the bacon shortage isn't going to happen. Really need to watch out for that fake news.

We also really need to get some insight into the real news: what is happening to peoples eating habits, commodity  prices, and how some of the big guys are getting hit.

My thanks to the readers that responded to our survey last week. It is intriguing that so many of you have fielded questions from your customers about phone order entry.  Some already have the majority of customers asking.

Today we'll take a look at the impact  having so many customers ask about smart-phone order entry has on your business.


For many years we have preached the advantages of using on-line order entry systems. Traditionally on-line customer order entry took place using an internet connected laptop accessing a Cloud package, but the smart-phone is now entering the market for on-line order entry. Today we will review at some of the recent technological advancements, and, more importantly, get your thought on those concepts.


If your head didn’t explode last week I would like to explore how to help your salespeople create a better basket. Sales orders are practically a basket of margin that needs to be managed. As we pointed out last week as owners we may not have the time to look at every detail, but we can train our people to make sure they maximize the basket for us.

Issue 636 - Is that really meat?

We have spent a lot of energy over the years talking about transformation and taking advantage of opportunities. In February we touched on movement in the Plant-based Protein market. Well time to get the latest update on the financial side of that business and how it is penetrating the current businesses you sell to.

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