I asked a food guy, one of my prospects, how he manages his profit margins. He said “I have that in my head. Any person that does not have it in his head isn’t running a good business and won’t be here for long.” 

Knowing every transaction in a business is a tough task.  If I tried that for my business I'm sure my head would explode.  Today we look at some ways to swiftly and accurately measure profitability for those of us who want to run a good business, but can't keep it all in our heads.


Back in May the FDA released new guidelines for product labeling. These changes are a result of confusion in the consumer market regarding what is healthy food and what is not. FSIS recently proposed that USDA labeling requirements parallel the FDA program. Time to look at the details.

Recently a customer commented to one of my employees that maintaining a computerized perpetual inventory wasn't a high priority because 'the bank isn't going to believe a computer number, they want you to go out and count the stock.'  This week we're going to take a look at the important idea of inventory reconciliation to see why he is a right and a little wrong.


Happy New Year! As promised, our New Year’s Resolutions for 2017. Trump promises to have a more business oriented perspective than prior administrations.  We will leverage this to benefit our businesses. We are going to take a different tack this year to get our readership to jump on board early to gain a financial advantage. The economy is running warm right now the markets are rising we will strike while the iron is hot.

As I prepare for the year-end Holidays I think back on the many phone calls I made as a salesperson and owner to food guys all over the country.  I am reminded of the separation in the market for the haves and the have-nots as potential users of applications to help run their businesses. Today we will discuss opportunities people in the food business have to increase productivity and manage margins more effectively.



After a very busy and hopefully successful 2016 is a perfect time to review some of the activities we talked about in our Activity Based Costing series and how they can affect your bottom line. In today's Newsletter we will look at your key areas with some reminders of what you need to look at to improve those areas for maximum profitability.



We are right before the Holidays and it seems like a good time to see how well we have done with our New Year's Resolutions for 2016 before we set them for 2017. I listed three of the 2016 resolutions below and the progress I've seen in these areas while working with processors and distributors from all over the country.




Cut-off times -- what does that mean? In the simplest form it means the last moment you can place an order and sill receive the product on the next delivery.

Three years ago we looked at the impact of enforced cut-off times. For smaller distributors not having cut-off times can be a wedge against the big guys.  For larger distributors an enforced cut-off time can improve efficiency.  Food distributors can go either way so let’s look at the up and downs and how to better manage unenforced cut-off times.

Back in 2005 I had a business relationship with Joe Carrabis the founder of NextStage Evolution. What he taught me is that customers in this world of the Web are looking to get educated on products and just don’t always just want to be sold. In my everyday work as a salesperson and President of my firm a lot of my time is spent educating as Joe tried to teach me. Last week we launched a new website that is designed to engage our visitors to learn. Learn about best practices through our Newsletter, and use today's advanced video technology to help them apply technology to their business.

 For years we’ve talked about how to maximize profitability. Two years ago we compared markup vs. margin, that is just one component of margin management. Today we will talk about several facets of margin management and how knowing what you are really making can have a substantial effect on your bottom line.


Issue 636 - Is that really meat?

We have spent a lot of energy over the years talking about transformation and taking advantage of opportunities. In February we touched on movement in the Plant-based Protein market. Well time to get the latest update on the financial side of that business and how it is penetrating the current businesses you sell to.

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