Over 2 years ago we did an article about the Millenniums and their fear of “big food”. Well as we’ve been following the events looks like Chipotle is getting bit by the same issues they were trying to resolve.

 Last week the WHO (World Health Organization) declared beef and processed meats as Class One carcinogens. That puts red meat on the same list as tobacco, alcohol and sunlamps. It was a very upsetting report to most spokespeople that support the meat industry.  Let’s take a closer look.


Back in September of 2011 we talked about “The burden of breaking cases.” This is a necessary evil of being in the service business where to compete with the US Foods and the Syscos you’ve got to break cases.


One of the most talked about areas for a lot of food distributors and processors is what cost should be used. There are several cost basis to use but choosing the correct one can affect your profitability.

 Last week we talked about the increase in business in reference to implementing touch screen technology in the market. Today we’ll discuss the advantages of taking the marker out of their hands.


Last year we wrote a Newsletter about the latest Touch Screen technologies in the industrial world. I call it the “McDonalds theory of ordering”. But the secret is out, it’s not about reducing labor it’s about doing more business. Let’s take a look at some of these effects and how you can leverage the new technologies.


I got back home in one piece and beat the traffic from the Pope's visit to our city. It was a very long week of traveling, but I was able spend quality time with some great customers. I would like to thank them for their hospitality and the on topic discussions during our visits. Overall feelings were positive with top concerns being government compliance and effectively handling increased volume.

 As we're all getting ready to enter the 4th quarter I find myself on a full week road trip. I will be visiting a number of Key Accounts to touch base and see how we  can do a better job. You may recall my talking about the role of a trusted advisor.


We have discussed the FSMA in the past. The FDA are on the move again setting the release for the first 2 rules of the ACT to go into effect Sept. 2016, but in order to make sure we are not too confused the phase-in will be done in different time frames depending on the size of the business.

After my vacation I thought we would follow up on some recalls.  Back in May of this year we were following a recall involving 2 famous brand names: Jeni’s of Ohio and  Blue Bell Ice Cream of Texas. Now it’s 3 months later and let’s see how they’ve done with protecting the brand. Well in one of these cases “not so good”. Jeni's tweet from yesterday is below.

Issue 590 - How to get your Price List to your customer.

As follow up to last week's News Letter, I would like to discuss once we set the Prices for a customer how do we deliver them to the customer. This is very problematic, you don’t want to make a mistake and give up Margin with the wrong price.

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