I just got back from a long weekend fishing trip for bass on the Delaware and inevitably the conversation got around to the fish that got away. To the relief of most of my valued Food Distributors looks one got away from Sysco too. Today we’ll look at the counter effect of that non-merger and we’ll get our armor back on for the next one.


As I discussed last week I would be attending the Fancy Food Show and what a great time I had. This year the show filled the Javits Center and spilled over to the North Exhibition Hall.

I have talked for many times about going local and this years show was sure centered on that situation.


This week I would like to do a follow up on some of the ways to monitor your pricing so we do not leave any money on the table with multiple people putting orders in your operation, keeping track can be a problem.

In addition I will be attending the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC on Sunday, Looking for ways to help you guys increase your product set. Hope to see some of you folks there.

 In last week's newsletter article about the organic push, "The War on Big Food",  Steve Hughes from Boulder Brands said, “I’ve been doing this for 37 years,” he says, “and this is the most dynamic, disruptive, and transformational time that I’ve seen in my career.”


Three years ago I was at a cocktail party with many large players from the protein industry.  The conversations included several predictions for the future.  Based on recent news it sounds like the predictions made at that party are now coming true.


Took a brief break last week from the news but now information is coming from a lot of fronts. We’re going to touch on a number of things we’ve been talking about so let’s get to it.

As you recall one of our 2015 resolutions was to “Protect the Brand”. A lot of processors I know I know are relying on manual records, the recent events in the ice cream world and reporting on a Food Safety meeting in Baltimore will give us a current update.

 We’ve done a lot of news casting the last few weeks, but today we want to  get back to running your business. Pricing products properly has been a real challenge for most food guys. We have talked in the past about market cost but the timing and effort of those price changes is a bigger challenge.  How do we automate those changes so our prices are not hopping up or down with your cost increases but making sure we don’t leave money on the table?

 In the last few weeks we have talked about the huge growing Organics market and the effect of the SYSCO/ US Foods merger. Well time to get caught up.

 Last week we took a survey about the climate in the food industry and the results are very telling. Today we’ll look at the numbers and give you some tips how to keep the ball rolling. In talking to customers they indicate leveraging conditions as they exist are the key. I will share those conversations.

Issue 586 - Where have all the people gone?

Sunday, at the Fancy Food Show for opening day, as I was going through the booths I mentioned to my companion, “The show seems quiet, but it is opening day.” In today’s newsletter we’ll discuss that phenomena and what it might mean for the food industry at large.

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