With 75 years of experience in the food industry, and more than 24 years developing software for food processors and distributors, Food Connex has proven itself as a trusted and valuable food management solution. Today, many companies rely on Food Connex for the latest in service, support, and technology in the food business. Food Connex’s complete food management system provides you with the following capabilities:

Accounting & QuickBooks Integration

A total business solution for food processors and distributors is not complete without an accounting backend. Most food businesses keep a separate accounting system, which must be manually updated with each order – or worse, financial data is spread across droves of spreadsheets that are consolidated only at the end of the quarter. A traditional accounting system tells you historically where you have been, but says nothing about how to manage your critical operations today.

Food Connex integrates its order entry and inventory management system with QuickBooks general ledger, accounts receivables and payables.

By utilizing an integrated solution for all your business management needs Food Connex eliminates the hassles of multiple stand-alone systems. In addition to providing the basic accounting needs of a food business Food Connex gives you the tools to evaluate profitability and set pricing. It gives salespeople an accurate order entry tool with real-time information to drive margins and volume. Warehouse managers can take advantage of a complete inventory management and fulfillment system tied to the accounting backend.

Sales & Order Management

Food Connex’s system lets you easily manage orders. On a single, customizable screen, you can see a customer’s order history, helping you to recommend items and upsell your products. Using flexing pricing models, Food Connex automatically handles all complex pricing and discounting procedures, including promos, spoilage allowance, broken case up charges, fuel and delivery charges, contract and chain pricing, etc. Food Connex’s management system also allows you to set policies and pricing with ease. With an accurate order entry system, you can use real-time information to drive margins and recognize any lost sales immediately.Food Connex also provides real-time insight into sales demand by linking sales, fulfillment and purchasing to each other. Purchasers no longer need to carry an excessive amount of stock to cover for fluctuating demand. With Food Connex, the purchasing process is faster. The online inventory gives purchasers immediate access to quantity counts and stock status, eliminating the need to perform a manual count in the warehouse. With Food Connex, you don’t have doubts and errors. Instead, the order and inventory management tools let your purchasers keep a just-in-time inventory. Food Connex also helps you utilize your vendors’ warehouses. Purchasers can easily generate a purchase order and fax or email it to a vendor. With a more agile communications process, your purchasers can better time purchase orders with fluctuating inventory levels.

Logistics & Order Control

Food Connex’s inventory system has been specifically designed for handling multiple units of measure. This same system also ensures that all products, no matter the varieties in weight, are recorded and billed correctly. When an order is received, Food Connex automatically generates pick tickets, order acknowledgements, bills of lading, and invoices. If no logistical system is in place in your business, over and under shipping are likely to occur. Food Connex has a unique feature called “SWAMI” (Scan, Weigh and Measure Instantly), which allows you to capture weights and serial numbers through barcode scanners and scales. With barcode scanning, productivity improves, and so does your bottom line. For any loose or non-coded items, Food Connex captures weights, eliminating the need to manually enter catch weights.

Profitability & Prices

Cash flow is everything, and Food Connex has Accounts Receivable tools to rapidly collect outstanding invoices and improve you cash position. Food Connex also increases your profitability is maximized because your pricing policies are automatically enforced.  Food Connex’s cost-based pricing feature allows you to automatically update prices as inventory costs change, while powerful contract pricing options protect price levels for preferred customers. Food Connex comes with a wide variety of pricing strategies to help support your customer base’s need. Pricing calculations can be made based on a dollar value, a flat percentage, or a gross profit margin over one of several cost structures, including purchase, market, average inventory, and delivery or salesperson costs. Whenever there are changes to an item, Food Connex will quickly and easily guide you through the process of updating costs and prices. Food Connex’s complete food solution; it can be used by business owners, sales representatives, warehouse managers, and bookkeepers. From receiving the order to shipping your product, you see everything, all in one place, all in real-time – you control your business with Food Connex.

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