At American Homestead Rodney applies his twenty-five years of farm, ranch, and natural and organic meat experience to the production and in-house sales team.  Rodney took a moment from his busy schedule to give some feedback about his experiences with Food Connex and the SWAMI (Scan, Weigh And Measure Instantly) service for barcoded shipping.

Camellia Foods Success Story

Adam represents the fourth generation of the Cichocki family, owners and operators of Camellia Foods.  They have been manufacturing and distributing quality meats in Buffalo NY since 1935, producing over 50 products including Traditional Hams, Award-Winning Polish Sausage, and several smoked meat products. Taste the Tradition. Adam recently headed up the effort to implement Food Connex and QuickBooks as the order, inventory, and accounting solution for their food business.

Amoroso's Broker Reporting Improvements

We recently worked with Preston and his team at Amoroso's Baking Company to make preparation of broker reporting more accurate and efficient.  We'd like to share a portion of the email he sent:

"You and your team NAILED it!! ... Your work on this project is very much appreciated. ... Over the years It has been a pleasure working with everyone in the Food Connex organization."

Preston Thomas
Amoroso's Baking Company

P & G Trading Company has been a Food Connex Enterprise user for over 20 years. They are a premium seafood distributor and processor in the Philadelphia marketplace. Over the years they have utilized many Food Connex functions to boost their profitability, and just recently implemented our Touch Screen catch weight capture. They reported the following benefits to their operation and provided us with a quick video example...

Ocean Waves Products started when they began procuring soft shell crabs and distributing in the Houston area. Customers recognized their passion for quality and value so they eventually started asking for other items and so began their distribution company. Owner Sammie Goh spoke with us about her experience using Food Connex Cloud with QuickBooks.  Sammie said, "Food Connex Cloud is easy to use; everyone from our salespeople in the field to our employees in the warehouse and production are able to understand and use the system.  The inventory is updated automatically keeping salespeople up to date with access anywhere with an internet connection."  She continued saying that, "The knowledgeable support team has been prompt to respond to any questions we might have, and Food Connex solved one of my biggest issues."

Since its founding in 1983, Indian Ridge Provisions has proudly provided high-quality meat and seafood to the finest hotels, restaurants, and country clubs in the Tri-State area. Indian Ridge Provisions implemented Food Connex Enterprise, a business management tool for food distributors and processors, to improve their business workflow and profitability.  Joe Hinderliter, owner of the business, and Steve Polcsan, vice-president, from Indian Ridge sat down with Paul Hernandez-Cuebas from Food Connex to review the progress that they had made in achieving these goals.

Since the family bakery first opened in 1904, legendary Philly sandwiches have gotten that way by starting on an Amoroso's roll.  We had the opportunity to talk with Director of Frozen Foods Bob Rector, System Administrator Charles Bemak, and Inside Sales Manager Stephen Knob about handling the more than one million rolls they sell weekly using the Food Connex.

Jeff lead Canal Fulton Provisions through a major overhaul, adding touchscreen labeling and integrated scales to cutting and shipping process.  We visited Jeff two years later to look back at the impact his had on his company.    One question we had for Jeff was:  At a very high level, what has bringing in the touchscreens, scales and labeling automation done for the company?  He gave us this testimonial and demonstration video in response.

RealMeats began operations in March of 2013 with the delivery of their MPU (Mobile Processing Unit). The MPU is where the animals are first processed in their journey to your plate.  In 2016 RealMeats implemented Food Connex Cloud to improve inventory tracking and traceability throughout that journey. 

Three Suns Ranch Manager David Dowdell lead the implementation of the labeling, scanning and tracking solution.  We recently spoke with David to ask about the results he is seeing in the business today.

Exceptional is not just a name, it’s a standard they strive for every day. Since 1991 they have been bringing customers the finest in meat, poultry, and specialty foods from around the world.  In 2015 Charles headed up the implementation of Food Connex Touch Screen Labeling, and we sat down with him recently to discuss the results.

In 2009 the Common Market started using Food Connex Software to aggregate and distribute local products from regional producers and deliver throughout the Mid-Atlantic out of their Philadelphia warehouse.  Revenue at the time was approximately $300,000.  In 2016, the Common Market has grown to $4 million in revenue, and opened a second location in Atlanta, Georgia.  We spoke with Co-founder Tatiana Garcia-Granados about the success of her company.

Vincent Giordano Corporation is a Philadelphia-based Premium Beef Deli Products processor and distributor in business since 1969 and is today serving customers all across the nation. Vincent Giordano Corporation was one of the first distributors to use Food Connex’s SWAMI (Scan, Weigh, And Measure Instantly) capabilities. As Guy Giordano testifies, “It’s fantastic—we can’t say enough about it. We constantly impress our customers with SWAMI; and it’s so simple. The information that SWAMI provides and the speed in which we can provide information to our customers has increased the productivity in the office tremendously. Bottom line is—no more wasting time and money.”

Ron Ramstad, President of E.G. Emil and Sons wrote,  "As President of the company I set the standards for hard work, ethical business practices and the strong desire to produce only the best products available. With a Midwestern upbringing and over 20 years in the poultry business, it has become my personal goal to deliver the best products each and every day."  In this whitepaper we look at how the Food Connex traceability and inventory management solution matched to Ron's ideals to produce positive business results.

Tampa Steak Company was founded in 1970 by Mr. Humberto Gonzalez, Sr.  Forty years and three generations later Tampa Steak is one of Tampa's largest wholesale and retail meat distributors.  Humberto Gonzalez III faced challenges keeping up with order entry, maintaining accurate inventory counts, and updating costs and pricing in Tampa's extremely competitive food market.  The problem was all the manual labor being spent wrapping a food business around QuickBooks accounting.  Food Connex provided the solution to those challenges and as Humberto said, "Speed, efficiency and accuracy increased immediately, and we're still seeing time savings as our employees become more familiar with the system."

Issue 634 - The New ROI

A prospect recently challenged me to show a return on investment of two to two and a half years. For the majority of my career a 'good' return on investment (ROI) was two years, a great return was one year, and an unbelievable return was six months.  Today with our SaaS offering we're seeing customers regularly returning on their investment in four to five months, so it may be time to revisit how we think about ROI calculations.

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