Customer Profile

Vincent Giordano Corporation is a Philadelphia-based Premium Beef Deli Products processor and distributor in business since 1969 and is today serving customers all across the nation. They started using Food Connex in 1996.

Business Challenge

Prior to implementing Food Connex the Vincent Giordano Corporation was doing a lot of the everyday tasks manually. President Guy Giordano said they were hand writing picking tickets and hand tallying weights for invoices. The manual style just couldn’t cut it any longer. As he put it, "We were growing fast and needed to enter into the age of technology.” Guy looked at several different options and was getting frustrated with the “extras” and expense associated with implementing many of the software programs.

Our Solution

As Guy explains, “The custom guys wanted us to build all these databases and compile all these reports. We didn’t have the time to mess around with all that and we didn’t have the money to hire a bunch of IT guys. On the other hand, Food Connex not only fit our business challenges best but it was great that we didn’t need to build or supply any extra stuff. Everything was set up with the least amount of extra effort on our part, which allowed us to continue operating our business and not slow down during the automating process. We didn’t miss a minute of productivity.”

Positive Business Results

Vincent Giordano Corporation was one of the first distributors to use Food Connex’s SWAMI (Scan, Weigh, And Measure Instantly) capabilities. Prior to using SWAMI they experienced costly errors on a daily basis due to misread pick tickets, data entry mistakes, and math errors. Guy Giordano, “At the time we were one of the first people to use SWAMI. It’s fantastic—we can’t say enough about it. We constantly impress our customers with SWAMI; and it’s so simple. Just push a button and we can generate all sorts of reports and track all of our products immediately. The information that SWAMI provides and the speed in which we can provide information to our customers has increased the productivity in the office tremendously. Bottom line is—no more wasting time and money.”

Issue 643 - Blocking and Tackling Revisited

I have decided to get away from all this technology discussion and dust off the archives from 11 years ago in the interest of getting back to basics. My longtime readers remember about blocking and tackling, Vince Lomabardi taught us what that meant. Making more bottom line profit is about the basics.

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