The Common Market

In 2009 the Common Market started using Food Connex Software to aggregate and distribute local products from regional producers and deliver throughout the Mid-Atlantic out of their Philadelphia warehouse.  Revenue at the time was approximately $300,000.  In 2016, the Common Market has grown to $4 million in revenue, and opened a second location in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tatiana Garcia-Granados

Co-founder of the Common Market, Tatiana Garcia-Granados, was instrumental in the initial implementation and we recently  had the opportunity to talk to her about the success of her company and how Food Connex has impacted their growth.

Growing from $300,000 to $4 Million in Revenue...

“When we first started with Food Connex Cloud we were only using the invoicing features.  As we grew, we realized that we needed to take advantage of the inventory tracking so we started using the purchasing, and then the traceability features.  One of our core values is providing tracking from seed to table and Food Connex helps us do that.”

“Transparency is key to our business model.  About three years ago we started having third party audits and this year we’re working towards our SQF certification.  We recently passed the desk audit and are moving into the facility audit.  Food Connex makes it very simple to do mock recalls and maintain clear records for inspectors and for our customers.”

“We’ve experienced dramatic growth over the last seven years and our food safety, traceability, and documentation needs have grown with us.  Food Connex has provided us with a flexible solution that was able to meet our needs from a simple invoicing solution to a robust inventory management system.”

Issue 646 - Checking those Resolutions.

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