Exceptional Foods

Exceptional is not just a name, it’s a standard they strive for every day. Since 1991 they have been bringing customers the finest in meat, poultry, and specialty foods from around the world.

Charles Friel III

In 2015 Charles headed up the implementation of Food Connex Touch Screen Labeling, and we sat down with him recently to discuss the results.

Effects of implementing Food Connex stand out clearly were:

  • Improved product presentation to the customer. The new printed labels provide full product detail, customer information and weights captured right from the scale giving the packaging a more professional look compared to the old hand-written style with check-marks for product type.
  • Pre-sorting and Totaling of Cutting Room Assignments.  The cutting production report Charles uses provides a pre-sorted and summarized list of products for the cutting room without need to tally order quantities manually.
  • Visibility for Gross Profit Margins.  Putting the profit figures on screen during order entry helps ensure that orders going out are priced at the correct margin.

Insight and video examples of how the Food Connex Touch Screen was improving order accuracy:

  • The new workflow matches the Cutting Tickets to the Touch Screen Order to confirm the proper amounts are correctly boxed and loaded.
  • The customer specific labeling ensures the product gets to the right customer, we’ve already caught and prevented product going out on the wrong truck.
  • The flexibility to partially ship and move between open orders allows us to exceed expectations and offer improved customer service.
  • Quick and easy printing of labels for product has improved the workflow of the warehouse preventing employees from taking short-cuts that cause mistakes.


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