David Dowdell of RealMeats and Three Suns Ranch

RealMeats began operations in March of 2013 with the delivery of their MPU (Mobile Processing Unit). The MPU is where the animals are first processed in their journey to your plate.  In 2016 RealMeats implemented Food Connex Cloud to improve inventory tracking and traceability throughout that journey. 

Three Suns Ranch Manager David Dowdell lead the implementation of the labeling, scanning and tracking solution.  We recently spoke with David to ask about the results he is seeing in the business today.

Tracking and Traceability at Previously Unmanageable Details

“Right now we are tracking to a level of detail that would not have been possible before Food Connex.  Getting to this level of accuracy without the system would have increased our labor hours by 50%, and we would have the issue of relying on someone to write and re-type everything.”

David and his team are generating full GS1-128 compliant barcode labels that include product identification, weight (captured from the integrated scales), packing dates, and a serialized lot number.  As each label is produced the product is automatically received into inventory.  When sold product is scanned out with a barcode reader capturing information to the invoice providing complete tracking and traceability.


The Results

“Overall we are very, very happy with Food Connex Cloud.  The salespeople like the information being available to them at time of sale.  The people working in the plant like the speed and ease of processing.  We’re meeting our traceability and tracking goals and we’re seeing a tremendous increase in efficiency and accuracy throughout the business.”



Issue 634 - The New ROI

A prospect recently challenged me to show a return on investment of two to two and a half years. For the majority of my career a 'good' return on investment (ROI) was two years, a great return was one year, and an unbelievable return was six months.  Today with our SaaS offering we're seeing customers regularly returning on their investment in four to five months, so it may be time to revisit how we think about ROI calculations.

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