Schaller and Weber - Food Connex Success Story

Jesse Denes

Schaller and Weber

Jesse wears many hats at Schaller and Weber, serving as the Director of Creative and Marketing, IT advisor, and Purchaser.

We recently spoke to Jesse about his experiences with Food Connex asking him for the biggest benefit he saw working with us, and some insight into the return he was seeing on his investment.

Training with Food Connex Staff was a Huge Benefit

“Food Connex is almost deceptively simple.  It doesn't feel like a complicated system, but the further we dug into it the more power we realized was available to us.  We had a in-house training session with our whole team and found that the 'simple' program we thought we had really provided us with everything that we needed.”

I'm Saving Up To Five Hours a Week

“We implemented a Food Connex worksheet to automate Purchase Order creation, making my job a million times easier.  I'm saving between two and five hours a week of my own time, and we've made inventory management more precise.  This is saving our company a lot of money by improving our ability to analyze our product performance and purchase intelligently.”

We didn't ask Jesse's pay rate, so we'll use the average provided by the Bureau of Labor at $36. 

Only considering Jesse's time:
$36 x 5 hours x 52 weeks and Jesse is seeing a $9,360 return on a $7,800 investment.
Which gives us a return on the investment in less than a year (10 months) for the entire project, based on the time savings of one person.



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